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We are passionate about helping boards capitalize on diversity. Our large scale research enables us to coach aspiring and new board members to contribute from day one. We also work with boards to create the culture and systems for better organizations and a better world.

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The Need is Widespread and Critical

Many public boards and even more private boards still lack the gender and ethnic diversity they need to capitalize on the benefits of diversity. Shareholders, regulators, stock exchanges, proxy advisory firms, customers and employees are demanding that this change – and that boardrooms evolve beyond outdated models and practices.


Diverse Boards Don't Just Happen

Boards need models for diversity. Our research is capturing how today’s strongest boards appoint exceptional diverse candidates and establish more inclusive boardroom cultures.


All Stakeholders Benefit

Board diversity has been shown to deliver positive impact beyond the boardroom. Diverse directors give voice to a wider range of stakeholders, setting the tone for their organizations and the broader society.

Better Boards Initiative

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